meet melissa

Melissa S-Johnson, East Atlanta

 Melissa, is a true servant after God's heart. Melissa is an author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and licensed minister. Melissa has the passion to spread the gospel, and teach God's word. She desires to reach a lost generation, and bring a new sound to the church.  

 Melissa has a passion to lead and teach. She's not only called to ministry, but to impact the world with the gifts God has given her. She desires to impact the world with Godly wisdom and strategy. She loves to inspire and empower women to find their true purpose. 

A Piece of Mel

Socially known as, "A Piece Of Mel," Melissa has impacted social media with a unique way to spread God's message to the masses. You may be familiar with the infamous tagline, "You've got Mel," which has become one of the ways her followers recognize her. Her name was inspired by God, with a revelation of its meaning.  "Mel," symbolizes God ordaining her to be his messenger, and "pieces" symbolizes the areas of influence she's called to. Therefore, whenever you see "Mel," you're sure to get a message, just like the mail you receive daily.